Myidea about Photography 

With nearly 40 years of travel experience under my flip-flops. I have been interested in photography ever since I took my first trip across the English channel at the age of 17. I so clearly remember pulling out of Dover on that cross-channel ferry and looking back at the white cliffs of Dover. It was at that moment in time I decided I needed a camera! People need to see that the cliffs were not white but a beautiful light green colour. Later that year for my 18th Birthday my folks bought me my first real camera, an Olympus Pen 35mm.

Today in our digital world photography has become an easily accessible art form. The cameras are so advanced it is a pleasure trying new techniques, with today's editing systems and software it's easier to create masterpieces. It allows us to change styles within the same programs professionals use. The borders are limitless, you can go from colour to black and white than back to colour again without losing any data. The average photo I take today is around 45 Mb, that is a tremendous amount of information to work with, thinking back to the early 1990's my first Apple computer only had a 10Mb hard drive...

After so many years of travelling, I reckon the most important pieces of baggage I would carry was my passport plus my two Sony Mirror-less cameras with a bag of Zeiss lens, tripods, action cams, a drone and an assortment of accessories. Taking so much equipment, I often had more than 30 kgs of camera and editing gear with me, leaving very little weight and space for even a toothbrush.

In 2018 I changed my outlook on photography completely, with advancing technology, the cameras today have got so compact and technically developed I decided to trade my 30kgs for 2kgs. I can now travel around the world with barely hand baggage and still enjoy taking 95% of the photography I have always enjoyed shooting.

For some reason many people believe; Bigger the camera better the photo, this is far from the truth. Scaling down 28 kgs of equipment doesn't have to compromise one's life or creative flow, we should look at the bigger picture, it makes it brighter and more sustainable.